Free Keynote Themes


These are theme files designed for the presentation software, Keynote’13 (Ver. 6.x.x) or later of the Apple, Inc.

Default themes of the Keynote look targeting for business presentation due to rather larger fonts. To fit for scientific presentation, I created theme files with smaller fonts so that presentations contain more information.

The folders named “en” and “ja” include theme files of English and Japanese editions, respectively.
The difference of editions is that of default fonts. Default font of English edition is Helvetica Neue and, that of Japanese is Hiragino Kaku-Gothic. You can install theme files by opening .kth files.

Among these themes, positions and styles of texts are standardized to be useful for changing themes.


Theme Gallery

Japanesque Style Themes

Other Themes and Icon Collection


  • Toshihiro Kamishima is NOT liable for any damages or losses, arising out of or related to your use or inability to use these theme files.
  • You can freely redistribute your presentation files that uses these themes.
  • You must not redistribute these theme files themselves.