Independence-Enhanced Recommender System (Soft & Data)


An independence-enhanced recommender system makes recommendations so as to enhance the independence from sensitive features specified by users.

We would like you to acknowledge the use of these program codes or data sets in publications by citing one of our related publications, if you utilize these materials.


Program codes used for obtaining experimental results.

Release 2.0.1

This version provides the results in [RecSys2013 workshop], [ICDM2016 wokshop], [FAT* 2018].

Currently, only program codes are available.

Release 1.0.0

This version provides the results of Figure 1 in [RecSys2012 Workshop].

This software is written in Python. We tested this software under the environment: Python 2.7, NumPy 1.6, and SciPy 0.10. A readme.rst file in the following archive contains a detailed instruction. This script is designed to process the above MovieLens Small Data Set.

Data Sets

Scripts to convert public data sets.

Movielens Small Data set

This data set is a subsampled set of the Movielens 100k data set. We here distribute scripts for performing subsampling.