Software and Data Sets


Software and Data Sets


  • SUSHI Preference Data Set : questionnaire survey of preference in SUSHI collected by a ranking method. Test data for a task of learning to rank.

Fairness-aware Data Mining

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ML, DM, and AI Conference Map

An overview map of conferences related machine learning, data mining, and artificial intelligence, based on my intuition.

Free Keynote Themes

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These are theme files designed for the presentation software, Keynote’13 or later of the Apple, Inc.

The Data Science Land

The Data Science Land
The Data Science Land

The Data Science Land is a joking multiplayer scenario for the Battle for Wesnoth, which is a free, turn-based tactical strategy game with a high fantasy theme. I hope you to enjoy machine learning in a fantasy world.

The Data Science Land is governed by five great countries: Holy Statistical State, Neural Network Empire, Bayesian League, United Kernelian Kingdom, and Rule-based Federation. These countries battle with each other for the supremacy of the Data Science Land. Afterward, historians call this turbulent time, “The Big Data Era.”